Canadian Pancakes

Ok, I admit it. I’m a bacon addict. I eat bacon every single day. It’s the fruit of life.

Well, my life at least.

Earlier in this blog, we established undeniably that bacon makes everything better. Now, I may have a skewed view of the world because of my bacon addiction, but I’m not the only one. You don’t add bacon to Diet Coke without doing your market research. The world is make up of people like me.

Which is why is comes as a surprise to me that, at 34 years old, I’ve only just tried Canadian Pancakes.

Ask me why now, and I couldn’t tell you. Canadian Pancakes are delicious! Prior to today, I guess I would have said something about how I’m not sure about the sweet and savoury aspect of the dish. Bacon, with pancakes and maple syrup? I don’t even like ham and pineapple on a pizza!

I guess I just didn’t like the thought of not liking the dish and throwing away otherwise perfectly useful bacon.

Canadian Pancakes aren’t standard fare for a boy growing up in Australia. Even though Canada is part of Her Majesty’s Commonwealth, Canada is as far removed from Australia as Cameroon. But, it seems, our over-friendly, hockey-playing, toque-wearing, toonie-spending, poutine-eating, hoser brothers and sisters in Canada might just be onto something by adding bacon to their pancakes with maple syrup.

Seriously! Have you tried it? It’s frickin’ AWESOME!

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