Hello Bacon!


One word – indeed, five simple letters – that bring so much enjoyment to so many people around the world. Including me.

Especially me!

I’m salivating at the thought of just writing a bacon blog. Well, that, and it’s 8:47am and I’m thinking a bacon breakfast can’t be far away. Then it’s only four short hours until a bacon lunch. And then… well, you get the idea.

Bacon is truly a food of the Gods. Unless you believe in a God that doesn’t let you eat bacon, in which case I feel truly sorry for you. I’m sure your God fulfills all your spiritual needs, but you have dietary needs too! What kind of God creates taste-buds finely attuned to bacon’s deliciousness, then doesn’t let you eat it?

This website is dedicated to those of you with bacon-loving beliefs. If bacon is your obsession, you’re going to find plenty of awesome bacon-related stories, products, recipes and lifestyle information.

Join the bacon-bandwagon. The Where’s The Bacon? campaign starts now.

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