Bacon Ornament


Shiny, crispy, Bacon for all to enjoy. With it”s red glittery meat and gold glistening fatty portions, everyone will celebrate in it”s supreme glory. Time to hang it from the tree, perched upon the noble leaf. Time to hang it in the car, like a rear view mirror star. Hang it upon the fireplace hearth, with hopes of bringing peace on earth. For Santa comes in all his glory to discover your new Christmas story. Glistening Bacon in the light has awoken raging appetite. He shall eat the cookies you”ve been baking then head to the kitchen for some Bacon. Rolling in the crispy goodness, Santa”s eye will seek said Ornament. After dropping it down the hatch, he”ll realize what now needs a match. For eating that new Ornament, he”ll now leave you a large monument. Expect gifts of unmatched greatness that you may return to buy more Bacon.

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